Women & Wealth | Critical Conversations: Smart Medical, Legal and Financial Decision-Making for Life’s Later Years

December 8, 2016


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An informative discussion that will provide you with support and actionable thoughts on end-of-life wellness.

This seminar is designed to inform women of the many facets of decision-making that coincide with aging. All of us will need to play a role in making decisions around mortality – both our own and of our loved ones. Topics will include identifying goals, fears, and compromises with loved ones entering final stages, effective medical, legal and financial decision-making for advance care planning, demonstrating courage when facing difficult realities about end-of-life wellness treatment, and finding trusted counselors to provide guidance during important medical decisions.

Please reach out to Stoker Ostler for more information on this event.

Women & Wealth - Critical Conversations Smart Medical, Legal and Financial Decision Making for Life's Later Years Download PDF - 429 KB